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    (Open) Gentle Baby Girl 

     I handed the man a thick envelope of money. At this level it would have been rude to count it but it was a lot of money, a price we had agreed upon.
    "Very good sir. At this price she can be with you through the end of your business stay. You will find that all daily matters are taken care of and the principal concern is your enjoyment."
    "You took note of the picture I gave you?"
    "Indeed sir, we have done our best to provide you with the character and feature you requested. It is nothing less than we do for our best customers."
    "Pavla Matriona will be attending to the girl during your stay here at the Hotel and will see that she is well taken care of while you conduct your business so that she can attend to you when your duties are discharged for the day."
    "And what is her name?"
    "The girl's name is Tatiana. Her parents died two years ago and she has been living with an Uncle who has needed to pay a debt and so she is with us. I assure you she is untouched as is required to command this price. I can also assure you of her complete obedience."
    "Thank you Andreji."
    "Of course sir. She awaits you upstairs in your suite."
    I stepped towards the elevator.
    "And Sir,"
    "She is a very sweet girl and …"
    "I intend to be very gentle with her."

    I stood in front of my door.
    I will be gentle, just like she was my little girl. For the three months I stay here she will be at my disposal. My wife has no way of knowing. I turned the key in the lock and entered my suite at the Gaborov Hotel. The door opened into a sitting room with kitchenette. Through a set of double doors was the bedroom with canopied bed and off of that room a marbled bathroom with a deep tub. A girl walked cautiously out of the bedroom wearing a silk robe, like a fawn stepping out of a wood into a clearing, blinking.
    Her soft brown hair parted on the right and swept across her face, straight but forming loose curls as it ended past her shoulders. Her cheeks flushed beside greenish brown eyes and baby pink lips. Delicate eyebrows on perfect pale skin. She looked so much like Elizabeth, my daughter Elizabeth back home that my heart struck a rhythmically like a kick drum in my chest. Andreji had done an exceptional job. She looked like my baby girl when she was just 13… maybe 12.

     <img width="384" src="">
    "Hello Tatiana, I'm Martin." I stepped forward and took her hand, clasping it with both of mine, enveloping it. I was within one step of her. At about five foot to my 5' 11" the top of her head would be under my chin. Her eyes met mine but flitted back to the floor. I raised her hand to my lips and got her eyes again briefly.
    "It's been a long day, I'm going to clean up."
    She nodded. I released her hand and lightly brushed her shoulder.
    "Are you cold?" She gave a microscopic shrug.
    "Get into bed." She turned and we walked into the bedroom, my hand tugging the collar of her robe ever so slightly. She released the belt and slipped out of the silk robe hastening to the large bed leaving me holding the garment in one hand. She pulled the coverlet back and dove in, her slim shoulders and impossibly tight little buttocks disappearing from my view as she covered herself and turned away from where I stood, facing the windows.
    I dimmed the lights and went into the bathroom, took a very hot shower and washed with a natural smelling soap. Wearing just silk boxers I re-entered the bedroom and slipped into the large bed behind her. I drew to within an inch of her huddled body till she grew accustomed to the warmth.
    "Are you still cold?" I whispered softly. She shivered at the touch of my hand on her bare shoulder but I drew it down her arm and back up her side rubbing her gently and sidling closer until my chest touched her back. She wiggled a little and pulled her legs in closer to her chest. I continued to lightly rub her from shoulder down over the top of her hip and back up over her ribs. I could feel her heartbeat flutter like a bird.
    "You are a very beautiful girl Tatiana." I said in a whisper. "I like you very much."  My face was right behind her head, smelling her hair, those curls tickling my chin. I squeezed closer, now my stomach contacted her lower back and I curled around her as if she were sitting on my lap. I moved my hand down further over her hip and stroked along her smooth leg and back up. There was a thickening beneath my silk boxers and I let it rest against her tiny rump. She skittered as my hand came around her body and pressed against her flat tummy. I whispered more in her ear, not words but just sounds, like cooing to a baby.
    Her arms were crossed against her chest and I gently eased my hand in between them and her breastbone. I nuzzled behind her ear and breathed on it and thought I heard a sigh escape her lips. My hand reached her tiny budding breast and found the pink nipple stiff. She shuddered again and I cupped it in my hand, a barely conical mound of flesh. I rubbed her chest some more and got her arms away from her body, exploring the other nipple and reaching higher to stroke her chin and throat with my fingertips. My penis was engorging, poking against her ass through the silk and I felt it throb as I slid my hand down over her belly again. I had to feel all of her skin against me. I would be gentle.
    I rolled away slightly and shucked the boxers off, my cock springing stiffly up. I rose up on an elbow and slid my arm under the crook of her neck and curled it so she would used my forearm as a pillow. Her head was light but her neck stiffened as I slid back against her and adjusted my hard penis in the crack of her ass cheeks. I pulled her against me, both arms around her now wrapping my self around her tensed body and pushing my cock between her legs, the indent at the top of her inner thighs just underneath her downy vagina.
    More whispering, more gentle stroking and she began to relax.
    "You are such a beautiful baby girl, you make me very happy." I nibbled her ear and got maybe a little giggle. My hips rocked slightly and my hardness withdrew and reinserted in between her satiny thighs. I worked my hand down to the top of her pubic mound and felt wispy hairs. She inhaled and held her breath as I slipped over her tight pussy lips, fully closed, just a slit. Gently I probed a bit but she was clenched, the strokes of my penis below were increasing and I was pushing her bottom with my hips as I got more range of motion. I raised up on my elbow to look at the side of her face, her eyes closed like my daughter sleeping. I kissed her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, my heart pounding and my breath short. I was supposed to be gentle.
    I disengaged from her birdlike body and rolled her onto her back.. Her knees were still together and pointed up so I pried them apart, positioning my hips between her resisting then relinquishing thighs. I covered her with my body, hovering. The turgid rod between my legs felt like it would split. My brain was spinning as I dropped the weight of my hips against her groin, rubbing my shaft along her mound. Her hands unclasped and went to my chest, pushing up against my weight. Her breathing was loud and strained, she said something softly that I didn't understand. Her head was turned to the side as I pinned her down with my hips, reached out and grabbed a bottle of lubricant from the bedside drawer. I squirted it like ketchup on my rod and got a good puddle in my right hand. I leaned back and slopped it onto her tight pink slit, just a trace of golden pubes on it between her spread and flushing thighs. She made a groaning squeal like she didn't want to be touched there but my mass was holding her captive. She didn't look at me and her lip tremmored as I worked two slippery fingers into her wrench tight pussy, slathering lubricant all over her labia and surrounding flesh. My hand went next to my throbbing erection, slickening every inch of my cock which though average in length at six inches widens to a cunt splitting circumference towards the base and it had never been more swollen than it was at this instant, poised over Tatiana's twelve year old cunt.
    I pulled her legs up, feet flat on the bed to open her as much as possible. She whimpered and put her hands over her face but she couldn't have been unaware that this would happen. Pavla Matriona would have coached her, prepared her for her new station in life. I had meant to be gentle, to relax her over a period of a few days before requiring her to accept my cock but I was past the point of patience, an animal lust had possessed me.
    I aligned the head of my cock with her slit and began pressing forward. Her hands went to my chest again, not pushing away but just trying to slow the inevitable. Her eyes were clamped shut and her bottom lip pursed, her chin wrinkled as I pushed harder against her clenched vaginal lips. So much lubrication made it possible to slip my cock head into her opening. She grimaced but I pushed on relentlessly, feeling more internal resistance. She cast a furtive glance at me with tears in her eyes and then turned her face away, drawing a ragged breath. I brought my weight to bear, focusing it in a direct line along the length of my cock aiming into her virgin canal. My chest, heaving, lowered to rest against her frail ribcage, my throat on the side of her face, my chin on the top of her turned head, I felt the membrane rupture and she screamed into my shoulder. I drove my cock slowly but mercilessly into her to the hilt.
    I had never felt a rush like that as this little angel screamed in agony, teeth against my shoulder muscle, lungs emptying beneath me as my rigid penis ripped into her virgin depth. I held my position and felt her frantic wriggling. I lifted my upper body to look down at her, tears leaking from beneath her eyelids, mouth in a twisted grimace. I pulled myself out slowly, one, two, three inches, feeling the cooler air of the room on my shaft, four, five inches, leaving the head inside and than rolling my body back down to cover her and impaling her narrow, pale skinned hips with my strident cock.
    She cried out again, in words I could understand.
    "Marteen.. please…"
    I lifted, looked down as my cock emerged from her impossibly tight slit and saw it red with blood.
    "please… ahhhh.."
    Her accent just made me more ravenous.
    "I have to do this. I have to." I fucked her hard. Not fast but hard. Pulling all the way out, lifting my body off of her crushed and broken frame and then driving back in, back onto her, sliding my chest and belly across her skin. She began to cry in earnest.
    "You hurt me".
    "I'm making you mine now, you're my baby girl"
    Sobbing wracked her body but I kept thrusting deeply into her deflowered pussy. Sometimes when I looked at her reddened face, still turned away from me, I saw my Elizabeth, crying like she had when I spanked her. Looking like she did the last time I spanked her bare bottom and felt myself getting an erection at her smooth skin, her clinging panties, at her tears. I enveloped Tatiana, sliding my arms under her shoulders, bringing my hands out on either side of her head. I bent my back and set my cheek to her cheek, felt her hot tears on my skin and heard her sobs and moans close in my ear. It was electrifying. The hairs on my neck and back stood up and a buzzy tingling swept up my legs to my balls and crept to the base of my cock. I continued my measured thrusting, full length, feeling her insides quake and grip, her stomach heave beneath me. Her head between my hands, my nose buried in her neck behind her tiny ear I shut my eyes. I saw my daughter, laughing and running to me, I saw her splashing in the bath, I saw her rosy ass cheeks as I slapped her in punishment and then with a thunderclap in my head I spasmed inside Tatiana's violated little body and blasted a charge of cum deep into my child concubine.
    I roared. I whined. I gasped and a sob emerged. I held deep within her and ejaculated a few more ribbons of sperm into the sweet little girl beneath me. Drunk on lust but sated I withdrew slowly, extricating myself. She was stuck to me with sweat and blood and semen. I rolled over and kept my arm draped over her quivering body, my leg pressed against her wet thigh.
    She was shaking and I tried to comfort her, this girl I had just raped. Turned away from me she sniffed and breathed through her tears and I stroked her clammy flesh.
    "Sweet baby girl. So beautiful, my baby girl" I cuddled her and held her shaking body against me, my sticky penis losing pressure , shriveling against her.
    "You're mine now baby. I made you a woman, I fucked you. You're mine."
    Her shuddering stopped and her breathing settled after a while and before my heart had fully slowed she seemed asleep in my arms.